Nikon 105mm Macro VR Sample Photos taken with Nikon F5 – Macro Film Photography




I just got back some film I mostly shot with Nikon’s 105mm Macro Lens. As you can tell from my selfie with the dog below, it is a bulky lens. I think this lens should be in every Nikon photographers bag who needs nice details when they are going out to shoot. I tried to include some sample images that show how the lens handles low light, depth of field, macro details, bokeh, etc. I really wanted to see how I could do with just one roll of film and the lens for the first time. ¬†Notice in the red car photo how many times you can spot my reflection (my roommate counted 3!). Overall, I think this lens has pretty decent contrast, the perfect amount of sharpness for macro, and the VR is a nice feature for portraits, although I find it doesn’t help that much with shooting really close macro shots, as it only allows you to focus only so close….this lens, I can imagine, would be pretty decent on a D700, or D800. Overall, If you have the money to spend, I believe this lens can do incredible things for creating beautiful images. (All images ¬©Ross Minkin 2013. All rights reserved. )


About Ross Minkin

I have a passion for Visual Journalism. Whether it is documenting a story and bringing it to life through visual storytelling, or capturing the perfect portrait there is no doubt that my life has been involved with photography and videography. I am a former Brooks Institute student, and past AV Production intern with the Kansas City Chiefs. Currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee this site is to promote what I've learned in Visual Journalism classes in Ventura California and to show off what I'm currently photographing and documenting through visual storytelling.
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